An investigation of drug abuse and narcotics use of the youth in southern border provinces

an investigation of drug abuse and narcotics use of the youth in southern border provinces The successes of these strategies, however, necessarily imply the increased threat to the south africa's borders, as drug traffickers are forced to find markets further afield in which to ply their wares 2 which drugs are causing the problems substance-abuse patterns in south africa vary according to age,.

This study aimed to explore studies on drug use among high school students by investigating articles published in the past decade in iran few studies have been conducted in iran on adolescents' patterns of substance abuse, producing various data on the prevalence and the type of consumed drugs, but there is. 283 the islamic drug prevention method among thai muslim youths in ban don khilek, phawong sub-district, muang district, songkhla province rutchadee binwang1 1 introduction narcotic drugs have severe effects on users, their families, communities, societies, state management, economics. Recreational drug tourism is travel for the purpose of obtaining or using drugs for recreational use that are unavailable, illegal or very expensive in one's home jurisdiction a drug tourist may cross a national border to obtain a drug that is not sold in one's home country, or to obtain an illegal drug that is more available in the. Weakening perceptions of risk of harm in drug use, weakening moral disapproval of drug use, and increasing perceived availability of drugs have resulted in increasing rates of use among secondary students increased drug dependency and substance abuse problems are also being reported among young people. The main drugs used are opium and heroin opium is smoked with a pipe heroin is used by smoking heroin-laced cigarettes, by “chasing the dragon” (ie, inhaling vapors), or by intravenous injection3,4 (uncommon before 1984) the proportion of drug users that injected drugs, which was 135% in 1988, rose to 416% to. Objectives: to summarise knowledge about substance use among young indigenous sami living in norway study design: data from the north norwegian youth study (nnys)–a longitudinal questionnaire study conducted in 1994–1995 and 1997-1998 that represents the main source of information in the 1990s. The investigation also found that online suppliers are exploiting gaps at the border fentanyl and many chemically similar drugs are classified as controlled substances in canada, making them illegal to import without a licence or permit but, for online suppliers, the borders may as well not exist they devise. Alcohol is the most abused substance in south africa followed by cannabis ▫ in 2007, 8% of south africans were abusing alcohol/drugs ▫ one in four pre-teens have experimented with psychoactive drugs ▫ 84 %( 22 million) of the south african population used cannabis in 2004 and 32 million in 2008, an increased.

Drug-related crime cases reported by the south african police services (saps) for the western cape exhibited a 3115% growth in the past decade this high- lights how the reduction of substance abuse and drug-related crime within the western cape province, will be an elixir for the safety and development of the. Youth in transition: the path from adolescence to adulthood in two native american communities communities kathleen fox, phd jody becker-green, msw jaime gault (nsduh) regarding the use of alcohol/drugs, by age group table 8 a positive trend regarding lower rates of alcohol abuse among native. Abuse of prescription drugs and pills continues to be on the increase among youths in harare, amid revelations that cross border traders are the syrup is used by drug abusers for a quick high about 90 percent of the recovered contraband was from harare and mashonaland west provinces. Dependence and the south african community epidemiology network on drug use records, and a rapid situation assessment was conducted twenty-one key informant interviews were conducted in all 9 provinces among provincial substance abuse co-ordinators, and one manager per treatment centre from a sample of.

Strategies and approaches to reduce substance abuse amongst the youth in limpopo province findings from this study show that the youth smoke tobacco, drink alcohol and use hard- core drugs the most commonly used substances are cannabis (49%), inhalants (39%), bottled wine (32%), home-brewed beer ( 30%),. Currently affected by insurgency, whereas the thai spelling, pattani, is used to denote the province suwannarat, g, children and young people in thailand's southernmost provinces: unicef rights watch (hrw), no one is safe: insurgent attacks on civilians in thailand's southern border provinces.

Drugs and alcohol also have a close link to crime the aim of this study is to investigate and report the prevalence of substance use and the need for intervention among male youth offenders at the pollsmoor youth centre, in the western cape province the research has attempted to create an understanding of male youth. Section 1 introduction substance abuse is a global challenge with detrimental effects on health, wealth and security of nations (unodc, 2010) in south africa drug abuse has been associated with crime, interpersonal violence, risky sexual behaviour (with accompanied increased risk of hiv acquisition and sti. Police and public prosecutor give low priority to the investigation of possession of small amounts of a drug for own use the opium act directive of the public prosecutor state that, if the offence concerns possession of small amounts for own use of a hard drug, the drugs will be seized, but normally there will be no custody.

An investigation of drug abuse and narcotics use of the youth in southern border provinces

Customs boosts border checks amid rise in the number of youngsters caught trying to bring illegal substances into city.

  • South africa is by far the largest market for illicit drugs entering southern africa its relative another factor contributing to the increased prominence of illicit drug use in south africa is high unemployment reporting heroin as their primary drug of abuse, evidence points to 51% of such patients in cape town reporting.
  • Jawi: a local dialect of the malay language, widely used by ethnic malay muslims in thailand's southern border provinces similarly, the justice ministry's department of special investigation and the national human rights commission -charged with investigating extrajudicial killings and other human.

Illicit transnational networks making sustainable development elusive, speakers say as third committee discusses ways to tackle drugs, organized crime porous borders and limited law enforcement capabilities meant criminal networks could operate with greater ease, he said illicit drug transit. This article describes the reasons of substance abuse among the youth in grabouw, western cape province of south africa the research was conducted zastrow (2004) reports that young people usually use illicit drugs as a way of avoiding different stressors in their lives and to create a sense of happiness some of the. Illicit drug trends in pakistan april 2008 united nations office on drugs and crime country office, pakistan the paris pact initiative eastern region and by 6 percent in the southern region (hilmand etc) abuse a unodc survey completed in 2000 estimated that there were 500,000 chronic heroin users in.

An investigation of drug abuse and narcotics use of the youth in southern border provinces
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